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Lotus and Water Lilies


These pictures were taken in Columbus, OH in the summer and fall of 2007. The water lilies are the smaller flower. The lotus are much larger and have detinctive seed pods.

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Sometimes a subject comes along at just the right time. To capture that image is a stroke of luck when it comes to wildlife.

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Some subjects are worth a closer look in my opinion. Hopefully more to come in the near future.

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This album contains animals just having fun.

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Lillies are my FavoriteA Netherland Dwarf rabbit of the Chestnut variety.rating: 1.6/5views: 115
"What's Over There?"So much to see and do for a young joey.views: 78
Who Said Giraffes Can't Talk?Taken at The Wilds in Zanesville, OH. The giraffes were a wonderful sight.views: 41

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Buen sol por la MananaThis Mexican sunflower was growing in a vegetable garden. Love the warm colors against the blue sky.views: 51Feb 17, 2013
Free & EasyIn a thick fog on a late winter morning on the west side of Columbus, OH, I found a small group of horses that had been playing in a pasture. They were having such fun and seemed to be looking forward to a lovely early Springlike day.views: 29Feb 17, 2013
Horses in the MistHorses in thick fog on the West side of Columbus, OH. This was taken on a late winter morning.views: 26Feb 17, 2013

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